About Geoff


Personally introduced to The Demartini Method® in 2007, Geoff became a Trained Facilitator in 2008 and began DEED Consulting (formerly 4Ward Thinking for People) in the same year.

Geoff holds certificates of completion, through the Demartini Institute, in DEMARTINI METHOD FACILITATOR TRAINING® – PROPHECY ¹® – PROPHECY ¹¹® – EMPYREANCE ¹® – THE DEMARTINI VALUES TRAINING PROGRAMME®. These courses have given Geoff expanded knowledge of human behaviour, universal principles and the effect repressed emotions can have on the physical body.

As a Trained Facilitator, Geoff has been able to assist vast numbers of people of all ages, including attendees at numerous Breakthrough Experience Events in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand.

A love of helping people has been a driver all of Geoff’s life, and he continues to expand his knowledge of human behaviour, universal principles and the effect repressing emotions can have on our mental and physical well being.


Geoff of Deed Consulting

What inspires Geoff to want to help others empower their lives?

Owing to Geoff’s mother being taken away from him at age nine, and her subsequent death six years later, he experienced painful emotions of loss from an early age. To ‘keep face’ he buried, or repressed, those painful emotions. Hiding those painful emotions were the cause of much personal and interpersonal conflict in his life.

Geoff kept those emotional pains bottled-up for over thirty-five years until one day, without warning, they all surfaced simultaneously, resulting in a nervous breakdown, followed by depression.

He went through the standard treatment of medication and even sought the services  of a psychiatrist for eighteen months. All this was helpful but, whenever his thoughts drifted back to that moment as a nine year old, he still experienced painful emotions welling up inside.

Geoff attended an event called The Breakthrough Experience in Sydney in 2007, this was his first exposure of The Demartini Method and in a matter of hours, not months, the emotional pain attached to the memory of that event as a young nine year old child was dissolved, gone. From that moment on, any time Geoff recalled that moment as a child, no emotional pain is triggered. The result for him was truly Dynamic, Easy, Effective and Durable, hence the name DEED.

Geoff looks forward to being of help to you too, should you seek it.


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