Tension and arguments, I’m sick of it.

Conflict, how does it start and how can I deal with it?

You’re an amazing individual, with a distinctively different set of beliefs and values. They’re not wrong or right, they’re just your understandings and opinions.

When people come together, each with their own unique view or ideas of, or about something, conflict can arise, and even destroy personal relationships.

There are two types of conflict. External; when your view or belief is questioned against an individual’s or group’s opinion, and you feel that you want to ‘beat them up’. The other is internal; where you start questioning a choice or decision you’ve made. Maybe it was something you felt compelled to do, or believed you should do, and you want to ‘beat yourself up’.

“When you change your thoughts, you change your world,” says Norman Vincent Peale.


How you think about the people you are in conflict with makes all the difference. If you say to them, “I am right and you are wrong,” you have division, and run the risk of escalating conflict.

However, if you were to say to them, “That’s an interesting view you have of ……..”. “I don’t share that view, and that’s OK,” you’re now honouring your viewpoint and theirs. This helps to neutralise the tension and avoid escalating any disagreement.

When experiencing internal conflict, those low feelings inside yourself, the solution needs different thinking. No matter whether it is or was something you felt or feel you had to do, or should do, ask yourself this question, “What did I get to do, or not have to do because of it?” “How did it benefit me according to my values, the things that are important to me?”

When those realisations are brought to mind, you will be able to live with your choice.

People may say something in the future that reminds you of an unpleasant, or hurtful experience in your past. This may ‘push your buttons’, resulting in any emotional pain associated with that experience coming up again, meaning more conflict. If you don’t want that to happen, contact me, and we’ll get to work on dissolving the triggers.

Hello, my name is Geoff Neville. I struggled with internal conflict in my life, burying those emotional pains. This resulted in health issues for me. Thanks to a non-judgemental, non-intimidating method, those emotional triggers no longer run my life. Now I enjoy more balance and understanding in my relationships.

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Geoff Neville – Coach and Mentor


Geoff Neville, is a facilitator trained in The Demartini Method ®. I personally became aware of the benefits of The Demartini Method® in 2007 and from 2008 have been helping people dissolve the emotional trigger/s that brought about the conflict in their lives. I am dedicated to expanding people’s awareness and potential, so they can live more empowered lives.

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