A resolution is temporary

A solution is permanent.

You’ve suffered a loss, someone or something you loved is now gone. Maybe it was a relationship break up, a death or even a business failure or failing a test. Whatever it was, you feel like there’s a big gap in your life. You try to hide the pain but, when you think of that person or moment, the hurt is agonizing.

Are you caught in a constant struggle of denial, anger, bargaining or depression? Did I hear you say yes? Now you have to ask yourself how badly you really want that in your life – you don’t.

Are you Ready to Get Serious About Breaking Free?


Finally there is a way. Come and arrange an appointment to speak with my today. My name is Geoff Neville and I can help. As a facilitator trained in The Demartini  Method®, a proven, step-by-step method of bringing any feelings of loss back into balance; in just a matter of hours, that grief will be transformed to a state of gratitude and love.

Here is part of what some people shared of their before and after experience of The Demartini Method®.

“I found myself angry and sucked into emotional turmoil relating to my former husband. Now I feel a renewed sense of well-being and an appreciation for him that I feel we can move forward to a better future.”

Kerrie E. NSW

“Before I spoke to Geoff I hated the fact that my dad died and left me all alone. I was angry, never wanted to express my feelings and always had bad feelings and regret. Now I don’t feel anger…there are so many benefits. I have grown stronger, I’m not angry anymore.”

Megan C. NSW

Geoff - Coach and Mentor for Grief

Geoff Neville – Coach and Mentor

Geoff Neville, is a facilitator trained in The Demartini Method ®. I personally became aware of the benefits of The Demartini Method® in 2007 and from 2008 have been helping people dissolve the emotional trigger/s that brought about the conflict in their lives. I am dedicated to expanding people’s awareness and potential, so they can live more empowered lives.

Geoff Neville is a Holder of Working with Children Check No. WWC0647564E.

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