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Geoffrey (Geoff) Neville – a Mindset/Human Perceptions Coach. He is trained in The Demartini Method® and has undergone specialized instructive and practical training extending over many years.

A brief overview of Geoff’s journey to being able to help people overcome, and free themselves, of repressed emotional pain.

As a nine-year old, Geoff experienced an event in his life that many would call ‘traumatic’.

One day, some 35 years later, and without warning, all those buried emotional pains simultaneously ‘surfaced’. This resulted in a nervous breakdown, followed by depression.

Geoff initially sought help through medication, and later, for some eighteen months, the services of a psychiatrist. All this was helpful, however whenever Geoff thought back to that event as a nine year old, he still experienced painful emotions ‘well up inside’.

Geoff’s first personal experience of The Demartini Method® was in 2007. The emotional pain that related to that ‘traumatic’ event was dissolved, and to this day recalling the specific moment does not trigger any emotional pain for him. Geoff began his training in 2008 with Dr John Demartini, and has kept his knowledge of the methodology up-to-date ever since.

The Demartini Method® was designed for the purpose of balancing out any subjectively distorted perspectives, unrealistic expectations, imbalanced perceptions, or polarized emotions so as to reduce stress, resolve internal or external conflicts and assist in empowering and appreciating life.

It is a scientific method that balances perceptions and emotions, including; reducing stress, resolving conflict and creating new perspectives and paradigms for a more fulfilling life.

Potential benefits and rewards include: Dissolving internal and / or external conflicts Reducing specific stresses by transforming distresses into eustress’s Balancing out subjectively distorted perspectives, unrealistic expectations, imbalanced perceptions, or polarized emotions (anger, shame, guilt, pride, infatuation, resentment, phobia, grief, mania, depression…) Discovering the hidden order in your apparent chaos Reducing the As (anger, aggression), Bs (blame, betrayal), Cs (criticism, challenge), Ds (despair or depression) and Es (escape or exit) of negativity associated with unrealistic expectations on yourself or others, the world, or mechanical objects.

Potential drawbacks and risks include: Challenge and frustration of undergoing sustained introspection, extrospection, retrospection and circumspection Temporary psychophysiological reactions due to confronting any distorted perspectives, unrealistic expectations, imbalanced perceptions, or polarized emotions including headaches, nausea, fatigue, spasms, cramps, mental fog… . Challenge associated with realizing how many distorted perspectives, unrealistic expectations, imbalanced perceptions, or polarized emotions are actually being harboured. Challenge of having and living with new outlooks or more balanced perspectives. Possible change in social friendships or associations due to new outlooks or more balanced perspectives. Potential shift in values and priorities.

Not going ahead, you could remain caught harbouring imbalanced and clouded emotional states of mind (disintegrated), which could trap you in the burdens of the past or fantasies of the future and which could also disempower you and hold you back from overall stability and life fulfilment.

Although many of the traditionally established or new alternative methods have demonstrated some merits and have their rewards and risks many of them are based upon the animal model of psychology involving predator (perpetrator) – prey (innocent victim), which encourage a separation of cause and effect and perpetuate imbalanced states of mind including, philia (infatuation), phobia (fear), pride, credit, guilt/shame, blame, resentment, grief…. Mono-polar addictions result in bipolar outcomes. The search for that which is unavailable (+ monopole) and the avoidance of that which is unavoidable (opposite – monopole) is the source of human ‘suffering’. The Demartini Method® will assist you in breaking through your limiting habits of unfulfilling behaviour as behavioural therapists do. It will alter maladaptive ways of perceiving and thinking as cognitive-behavioural therapists do. It will dissolve conscious and unconscious conflicts and adverse childhood or adulthood experiences as psychodynamic therapist do. It will transform unwise ways of interacting with others as interpersonal therapists do. It will help you find your own solutions to life problems as person-cantered therapists do. The Demartini Method® was developed and evolved partly for the purpose of transforming a more subjective social and humanistic science (psychology) into a more objective natural science (psychophysics).

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