As a Self-awareness Coach My Mission is

 To help people triumph over distressing, stressful life events. So they’re free to live a more empowered, fulfilling life.

Geoff of Deed Consulting

About Geoff

Since 2008, as a licenced facilitator of The Demartini Method®, I’ve been helping people reduce stress, resolve internal or external conflicts or trauma. And assist them in identifying, energising and appreciating their inspired life direction and purpose.

What brought me to my mission? A conscious awareness of how repressing painful emotions, had had such an impact on my own life.

As a nine-year old, I experienced an event in my life that many would call traumatic.

I buried that, and other painful emotions for 35 years. One day, without warning, all those buried emotions surfaced at once. A nervous breakdown resulted, followed by depression.

Help, via the usual approaches was helpful. But, whenever I recalled that moment, a rush of emotional pain would well up inside.

It was, through my personal experience of The Demartini Method®. That in 2007, the emotional trigger was dissolved. And to this day, recalling that moment does not trigger emotional pain.


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