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Geoff refers to himself as a Lossologist – a Human Perceptions Coach. It was over ten years ago Geoff began his study of human behaviour and how our perceptions to life events control our emotions, and how those emotions can impact and influence our lives.

His training in The Demartini Method® and Demartini Values Programme, was under the tutelage of Human Behavioural Specialist and author, Dr. John Demartini, founder of the Demartini Institute. This resulted in Geoff being licensed to facilitate The Demartini Method® and Demartini Values Programme, either singularly or in groups.

Geoff continued his studies, expanding them to include the learning of ‘How to Decode Your Body’s Messages’ – an understanding of the various emotional behavioural patterns associated with illnesses. Geoff loves being able to share his knowledge and help people to dissolve repressed emotional pain(s). This allows them to breakthrough to new possibilities, so they’re more empowered and inspired in their personal and working lives.

A Master Certified Facilitator of The Demartini Method® had this to say about Geoff –

“I’ve personally witnessed Geoff work with people of all ages whose lives have been impacted by some form of traumatic event. His skills as a facilitator have brought his clients to a point of confidence, self-belief and appreciation. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.” T.C. – Expert in Human Behaviour

A business owner had this to say about Geoff –

Geoff suggested some of my values where in conflict with my goals. After reflection I implemented a plan to keep me on track with an important goal without surrendering my values. Well done Geoff and quite insightful. Paul M.

Geoff of Deed Consulting

The Journey to Emotional Healing and DEED Consulting.

Here is a brief overview of Geoff’s passage to becoming a Trained Facilitator of The Demartini Method®.

As a nine-year old, Geoff experienced an event in his life that many would call ‘traumatic’ – his mother was taken away from him. This was followed by her subsequent death six years later. Geoff buried emotional pains he felt as best he could, just so he could survive. Over the next 35 years, Geoff’s life included working in a Private Bus Company, culminating in him becoming Managing Director. To ‘keep face’ during those years, Geoff buried those and many other emotional pains, resulting in much personal and interpersonal conflict in his life.

One day, without warning, all those buried emotional pains simultaneously ‘surfaced’ resulting in a nervous breakdown, followed by depression.

Geoff initially sought help through psychology and medication, and later, for some eighteen months, the services of a psychiatrist. All this was helpful, however whenever Geoff thought back to that event as a nine year old, he still experienced painful emotions ‘well up inside’.

He had pretty much accepted that this was how life would be, and that he would just have to learn to live with the emotional roller coaster of highs and lows until, one morning he heard about a two day event happening the following year.

Geoff, in February, 2007, attended that event, The Breakthrough Experience®. This was his first experience of The Demartini Method®. That first day, in a matter of hours, not weeks, months or years, the emotional pain, triggered by the memory of that event as a nine year old, was dissolved – gone! From that moment onward, any time Geoff recalls that childhood event, no emotional pain is triggered.

Over the years Geoff has been able to assist vast numbers of people of all ages, including attendees at numerous Breakthrough Experience Events in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand.

Geoff is holder of Working with Children Check No. WWC0647564E and holds certificates of completion, through the Demartini Institute, in DEMARTINI METHOD FACILITATOR TRAINING® – THE DEMARTINI VALUES TRAINING PROGRAMME® – PROPHECY I ® – PROPHECY II® – EMPYREANCE I® -EMPYREANCE X®.

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