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 I use a proven method to dissolve grief and empower positive outcomes

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I’ll help you end the existing pain of your loss in less than a day.

 The symptoms of grief are the same as withdrawal symptoms of drugs.

Are you looking to survive or thrive? It depends on what you do with the emotional turmoil that grief is giving you. Have you thought or said to yourself, ‘This isn’t happening to me.’ “This cannot be happening.” ‘Why is this happening to me?’ “I’ll do anything to fix this.” ‘ I don’t care anymore.’ “Why should I go on?”

Are you in a constant struggle dealing with internal conflict? Or dealing with depression? Caught in a constant struggle of emotional pain?

It may have been the loss of someone or something you loved, and now miss, leaving a void in your life. Or it may have been a relationship break up. A business failure. An exam test result. Whatever it was, you feel like there’s a big hole in your life. Leaving you depressed or angry.

There are seven areas of life. Spiritual – Mental – Vocational – Social – Familial – Physical – Financial. Which one of these seven areas was your loss in? Talking to others may help to lighten the burden of your grief. The problem is that you always have to find a ‘sympathetic ear’. And that can be challenging at times. Or you may prefer not to talk about your grief. You know that when you think or talk about it, all those painful emotions rise up inside again. So you keep your mind and mouth shut to the event.

How long you hold onto and allow grief to impact your life is up to you. You’ll either be a victim of your history or a master of your destiny.

There is a way to end that emotional pain, and it doesn’t take months or years. No endless talking, where you experience that pain of the loss over and over and over again.

If you are living through dealing with a loss, and want to be free of the emotional pain, then Reach Out

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Emotional Healing – Solutions for the stuff you don’t want to talk about

“I found myself angry and sucked into emotional turmoil relating to my former husband. Now I feel a renewed sense of well-being and an appreciation for him that I feel we can move forward to a better future.”

Kerrie E. NSW

“Before I spoke to Geoff I hated the fact that my dad died and left me all alone. I was angry, never wanted to express my feelings and always had bad feelings and regret. Now I don’t feel anger…there are so many benefits. I have grown stronger, I’m not angry anymore.”
Megan C. NSW

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