businesses don’t have problems – people have problems that reflect in their business.

are your team members happy and productive,

full of Incentive and drive … with a high level of job satisfaction?

is this a reflection of your business?

is your business experiencing poor staff engagement? low morale? difficulty retaining staff?

If it is, this may be due to:


a.    People’s psychological health can be influenced as a result of personal challenges, circumstances, or a significant life event. This may present itself as absenteeism, misconduct, poor performance, unsafe behaviour, open disclosure or turnover of good staff.

Or ……

b.    A belief you picked the wrong people. Resulting in unwanted challenges and adversity.

Companies are human systems, not unemotional, inanimate objects. Therefore attracting and retaining the right people in any business is crucial to its success.

Every human being experiences personal challenges, circumstances or a significant life event. These events may be the trigger for a mental health issue. A scary topic to discuss, and you may feel there is nothing you as a business owner or manager can do for them. Mental health issues affect as many as one in six employees in a business, resulting in reduced employee performance, worker stress, absenteeism or high staff turnover. And every human being has a unique set of values.

Every human being has a distinctive set of values. Nobody goes to work because of others, they go to work because of their values.

If your people go to work and feel that they’ve got to go there, your business may be on its way to braking down.

Once we pay people enough so that meeting basic needs is no longer a constant cause for concern, extrinsic rewards lose their effectiveness, while intrinsic rewards–meaning internal, emotional satisfaction–become far more critical.

If you are experiencing workplace challenges of absenteeism, misconduct, poor performance, unsafe or other behavioural issues, it may be as a result of an emotional well-being or job engagement issues.

Whether it’s a staff emotional well-being, or employee job engagement issues, help is available.

Using a stigma and judgement free process, I help people to:

  • Dissolve conscious and unconscious conflicts and adverse childhood or adulthood experiences; the emotional triggers that can result in a mental health issue.
  • Identify their highest values and link their job tasks back to those values. The more they are linked, the more they become inspired by their work. Their productivity, motivation, and loyalty goes up. The more they can’t wait to go to work. They then become fired up, saving you having to fire them out
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